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Manufacturer Warranty (Wheels)

Manufacturer Warranty (Wheels)

Contents of the warranty (warranty provisions)

(1) Scope of the warranty

In the case where a defect occurred in a component of the wheel you purchased from us during the correct use of the wheel in accordance with the applicable
legislation and the instructions manual, repair will be provided, free of charge, in accordance with the duration of the warranty period and the terms and
conditions of the warranty which are indicated in the contents of warranty (such free repair is referred to as “warranty repair” hereinafter). Warranty
repair is performed by replacement or remedy of a defective component. Please note that any defective component which has been removed in order to carry
out warranty repair belongs to Retro Racecar Ltd.

(2) Duration of the warranty

The duration of the warranty is as follows:

Duration of the warranty

One year from the date of purchase or the date of manufacturing

Warranty products

Wheel body and the components constituting the wheel with the exception of limited warranty components

Request for warranty repair

To make a request for warranty repair, please contact us via providing your order details
for the wheel in question together with the contents of the warranty applicable to the wheel.

Scope of the warranty

The contents of this warranty guarantee the effectiveness of free repair in accordance with the duration of the warranty period and the terms and
conditions of the warranty which are indicated in this document. Therefore, as a general rule, the remedy of any defect which occurred after the warranty
expiry date incurs a charge.

Matters which are not covered by the warranty

The following are not subject to warranty repair:

● Any visual imperfections in surfaces caused during normal manufacturing processes or procedures eg. Sand casting and powder coating.

● Any phenomenon due to wear and tear through normal use and/or deterioration with age

(E.g. natural discoloration of coated surfaces, plated surfaces, sputtering surfaces, resin components, etc.)

● Any sensory phenomenon which does not affect the actual travelling function

(E.g. vibrations caused by incorrect wheel balance adjustment, what is generally regarded as operation feedback in vehicle driving)

● Any defect which could have been addressed by ordinary care, yet which has worsened due to neglect

● Any defect caused by use inconsistent with the instructions provided.

● Any defect caused by modification which is not approved by law or by the manufacturer.

(E.g. repair, additional work, additional coating, additional plating, additional buffing, etc., by any non-approved repairer)

● Any defect caused by fitting purchased wheels to any unlawfully modified vehicle

● Any defect caused by any error during the maintenance check or service process

● Any defect caused by fitting incorrect wheels (e.g. The wrong size) to a vehicle

● Any defect caused by fitting to a vehicle wheels in any size other than that specified by law

● Any defect caused by not using mounting bolts, nuts, spacers, hub rings, balance weights, etc., Which are specified by the manufacturer.

●Any defect caused by external factors including smoke and soot, chemicals, bird droppings, oil, flicked-up stones, iron dust, acid rain, salt damage,
anti-freezing agent, detergents, etc.

● Any defect caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes and wind and flood damage, fire disasters, and accidents.

(2) Defects caused by any of the following are not subject to warranty repair (CONTINUED):

● Any defect caused by use of defective tires and tubes and by any error made while fitting/removing a tire and during the balance work

● Any defect caused by driving a vehicle on any surface (other than public roads), in competitions, such as a race, rally or gymkhana

(3) Retro Racecar Ltd does not bear the following expenses incurred by warranty repair:

● Any expense incurred by carrying out repair at a location other than that designated by Retro Racecar Ltd.

● The following expenses incurred by any inconvenience, damage, loss, etc., which were caused during the warranty repair

Telephone calls, towing, compensation for lost time, car hire, accommodation, travelling, operating loss, loss of market, replacement of the currently used
tire with a new tire, etc.