Magnesium wheels and their features <Advantages> [Lightweight] Magnesium has a specific gravity of 1.74 compared to aluminium 2.70, titanium 4.51 and steel 7.87. Magnesium provides a huge advantage to wheels where being ‘lightweight’ is crucial. [Enhanced acceleration/deceleration performance and steering response] 1. As is well known, the lighter the outer periphery of a rotating element,

TECHNICAL INFORMATION   Evolution of Wheels, the Key to “Driving Stability” In order to enjoy driving safely in a sporty style, it is essential that a vehicle has basic performance capabilities; “run”, “turn” and “stop”. These three key elements are evaluated for what is called, in generic terms, “driving stability”. Suspension and steering features directly

Manufacturer Warranty (Wheels) Contents of the warranty (warranty provisions) (1) Scope of the warranty In the case where a defect occurred in a component of the wheel you purchased from us during the correct use of the wheel in accordance with the applicable legislation and the instructions manual, repair will be provided, free of charge,

Instruction Manual (Wheels) For the correct and safe use of light alloy wheels Customers, please ensure that you read the instruction manual! Thank you very much for purchasing our wheels. This instruction manual tells you how to use the wheels correctly, how to check them, etc. Please ensure that you read the manual so that